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Best eCommerce Podcast You Need To Listen in 2021

Loïc N.
Loïc N.

Have you just begun your eCommerce business? Do you want to become a pro eCommerce seller or gear up for the daily eCommerce updates? If so, then here are the best eCommerce podcasts you shouldn't miss out on this year.

Well, if you are curious to know what's about this article, let me explain it here in detail.

In this article, we'll discuss the importance of eCommerce podcasts, why you should listen to them, a list of top eCommerce podcasts in 2021, and many more.

It was just a decade ago that podcasts prospered. Thousands of news resources were available in the market, including TV, newspapers, blogs, videos, interviews, blah, blah, blah.

About 68 million Americans listen to the podcast in a week. Interestingly, podcast listeners are increasing at a faster rate each year. In 2019, 42% of people attended at least one podcast per month. Whereas in 2021, it has risen to 49%.

Here is the latest update of the percentage of Americans listening to podcasts from 2017 to 2020.

Source :

But why? Why do you think people are so connected to podcasts rather than other resources?

Because podcasts are easier to access from anywhere at any time, whether you are driving a car, resting at home, or working in an office, podcasts require no special attention. From eCommerce newbies to successful entrepreneurs, everyone seeks information from the podcast.

Are podcasts Worth Listening

Perhaps, this is the question you might have asked yourself several times if you haven't listened to any podcasts? The simple answer is "YES."

  • Podcasts are easier to access

Once you subscribe to the podcast feed, the latest updates are automatically downloaded into your PC.

So, it's easier to access them from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, in podcasts, the information is directly communicated to you. You feel as if you are talking personally over a call. This makes the news or update more sticky and memorable.

  • You discover potential eCommerce experts and learn alot from them.

Podcasts are the best platform to find eCommerce industry experts and seek knowledge from them.

Either you are a professional or a newbie, podcasts help you tackle business challenges and concerns through advice, tips, and strategies from successful business owners.

Apart from general updates, podcasts provide niche related subjects. So, podcasts have become a popular informational resource. Moreover, podcasts require no special attention to acknowledge information like blogs or TV.

  • Grab an endless amount of insightful content that helps in your business growth

Now, it's easier to grab endless information through podcasts. Podcasts aren't restricted to a single topic. They cover a wide range of real-time issues and help in business growth.

Podcasts have no end. Hence, it's the knowledge ocean. As you dwell more, you find more.

Top E-Commerce Podcasts to Listen in 2021

Maintaining and getting ahead in the eCommerce business isn't a piece of cake. Especially for those who are newbies, eCommerce eventually becomes a nightmare without proper strategies and planning.

However, here is a list of great podcasts to listen to to move ahead in the eCommerce business. So, without any further delay, know the industry experts, reach their podcast, and follow expert tips to take your business to the next level.

Top eCommerce Podcast for Beginners

Have you just started the eCommerce business? Are you looking for podcasts that help newbie eCommerce owners?

If so, then this is for you. Here you find the podcasts that help the beginners' establish a robust foundation.

1.My wife quit her job.

My wife quit her job and is one of the most popular podcasts for beginners hosted by Steve Chou. The podcasts signify, leaving a traditional job and entering into the online workspace as a solopreneur.

The husband and wife lead the podcast with a team who left their traditional job. They encourage upcoming eCommerce business owners and guide them through various podcast feeds.

How does this podcast helps me:

This is an evergreen beginner's eCommerce podcast providing information on each aspect of the online eCommerce market. The podcast guides on how to enter the eCommerce market, overcome challenges, and grant opportunities.

However, the podcast content dwells deeper into the topic and is helpful for all business levels. But it concentrates more on online eCommerce newbies.

2.E-Commerce marketing

It's one of the highest-rated podcasts hosted by Robert Kilonzo. Either you own an online business or an offshore business, this podcast is perfect for both.

The eCommerce marketing podcast has over 128 episodes and high-quality insights that you get from nowhere.

How does this podcast help me?

Ecommerce marketing is everything about business marketing. It helps you generate multiple sales with proven strategies. The podcast focuses primarily on how to implement a business strategy to enter into the eCommerce field.

So, the content in the podcast helps newbies design and implement effective marketing strategies. It provides a wide range of topics, from inbound marketing to paid ads and conversion rates.

Don't Miss out on this wonderful podcast free marketing tips and tricks.

3.Smart passive income

The smart passive podcast is all about helping entrepreneurs. Renowned blogger Pat Flynn hosts the podcast. If you are looking for perfect entrepreneurship and business marketing courses, this podcast is your choice.

The podcast is mainly focused on small business owners and newbies.

How does this podcast help me?

Through this podcast, you get weekly coaching and Q&As that help people growing their online business.

If you are looking to turn upside hustle into a fulltime job, the strategies and coaching at the "Smart Passive Income" are topnotch. You get complete business insights to take your business to the next level.


Mixergy is excellent for people who love listening to successful entrepreneurs' interviews. The podcast provides complete information on how people succeeded in their life. Andrew Warner hosts this podcast. He is a successful entrepreneur who started his career early and built an online credit card company in his 20s.

To inspire passionate people, Andrew started this podcast and inspiring budding entrepreneurs.

How does this podcast help me?

The podcast covers a wide range of topics and is not restricted to eCommerce. The podcast covers the successful entrepreneurs' complete journey, including their failures, challenges, and behind the scenes.

If you are interview listeners, then this is great for you.

Top eCommerce Podcast for Small Business & Professionals

Well, Want to know how to maintain a substantial eCommerce business? Are you looking for simple strategies and plans to take your eCommerce business to the next level? If yes, then here are the best eCommerce podcasts for you.

You gain insightful strategies and foolproof tips that increase your business growth.

5.Ecommerce Boost

The Ecommerce Boost is one of the best podcasts to listen to in 2021 if you haven't heard yet. Julie Fjeldgaard hosts the podcast bringing insightful tips to reduce cart abandonment.

How does it help me?

Cart abandonment has become one of the significant problems in the eCommerce business. According to, every 3 out of 4 customers leave the site without purchasing.

However, here is the best eCommerce podcast that helps reduce cart abandonment. In a nutshell, the "E-commerce Boost" boosts the business productivity and conversion rate.

6.Future Commerce

The podcast provides insightful present eCommerce trends. Usually, this podcast offers a wide range of content in all industries. The Future Commerce podcast presents strategic data in research and media-related industries.

This podcast is best for experienced eCommerce owners and professionals.

How does this podcast help me?

The podcast offers complete strategic data in various industries. It ensures easy access to multiple dates in the present trends. In a nutshell, this podcast is best for professional and most experienced people.

7.Ecommerce Brain Trust

Kiri Masters, founder & CEO of the Amazon Agency Bobsled Marketing, hosted the eCommerce brain trust. The podcast picks out the industry expert guests to discuss valuable eCommerce strategies.

If you want to acknowledge the professionals' daily updates or foolproof strategies, this podcast is your choice.

How does it help me?

Whether you are running a small business or an industry expert, the podcast provides actionable tips, strategies, eCommerce trends, and innovations. It updates everything about the eCommerce businesses.

Top eCommerce Podcast for DropShipping

Do you want to start your eCommerce dropshipping? If yes, then here are the best eCommerce podcasts for you to listen to drive business to the next level. In this podcast dropshipping section, you get insights on how to start, build, and run an online eCommerce dropshipping store.

So, let's dive in. Find your favourite eCommerce podcast dropshipping feed.

8.2X eCommerce

2X eCommerce is one of the best dropshipping eCommerce podcasts ever. Kunle Campbell, an eCommerce advisor, hosts the podcast. The podcast has over 230 episodes and is the highest rated podcast.

2X eCommerce primarily focuses on the strategic improvement of online businesses.

How is this podcast helpful to me?

This podcast helps entrepreneurs, especially those in eCommerce, grow their business by 10x. The podcast shares valuable information about the eCommerce business from successful eCommerce owners.


If you are looking for a podcast discussing the real-world challenges and concerns in the eCommerce industry, EcomCrew is your great choice.

The podcast is hosted by Mike Jackness, aiming to help passionate business people to start and run successful eCommerce businesses.

How does this podcast help me?

The podcast has over 170 episodes discussing how to grow an eCommerce business in the market and make sales in front of the existing business. It gives you a lot of insights into the dropshipping, eCommerce trends, and challenges.

10.Ecommerce Paradise

This is another excellent eCommerce podcast for dropshipping. Trevor Frenner hosts this podcast to help small businesses and entrepreneurs lead a successful online eCommerce business.

If you are fed up with the low sales and conversion rates, this podcast will be the best coach for you.

How does this podcast help me?

The podcast content provides multiple tips and foolproof strategies for starting an eCommerce business, growing and outsourcing the business using dropshipping.

If you are looking for an eCommerce business type with the help of drop shipping, do not miss out on this podcast.

11.eCommerce Lifestyle

eCommerce Lifestyle offers a wide range of courses on the complete eCommerce drop shipping cycle. Anton Kraly, a successful entrepreneurial leader, hosts the podcast.

This podcast's best feature is that the featured episodes on the podcast get updates regularly and update you about the new trends.

How does this podcast help me?

You get access to the various topics within the eCommerce category, from dropshipping to marketing methods that improve conversion rates. If you are working majorly on dropshipping space, then this podcast helps you a lot in various aspects of dropshipping.

Bonus Section

I hope you got an idea of the best eCommerce podcast you need to listen to in 2021 related to your niche. Here are a few more podcasts that help new eCommerce owners, existing business owners, and other industry professionals.

Scroll down.

12.Nerd Marketing Ecommerce Podcast

Nerd marketing is the most reliable podcast in the marketing industry. Drew Sanocki, an eCommerce entrepreneur, hosts the podcast. The podcast helps both newbies as well as experienced professionals in the eCommerce industry.

The podcast content covers eCommerce tips, travel tips for business growth, and other trending updates. If you are looking for legitimate information, a Nerd marketing podcast is your best choice.

13.Ecommerce Masterplan

Chole Thomas hosts this podcast. The podcast provides information about tech tools and strategies to attract new customers that helps running eCommerce stores effectively.

The strategies and plans offered at the eCommerce masterplan are simple and effective. Moreover, it is easy to implement. So, this podcast fits any level of business, from new to expert.

14.eCom@ One With Richard Hill

This is a weekly podcast where the host, Richard Hill, interviews successful and passionate business owners. This is the best place to learn more about the business's ups and downs from various entrepreneurs.

The podcast covers all topics, from advertising to email marketing to health. The Best feature of this podcast is that each podcast episode offers actionable tips. This podcast is best for newbies, entrepreneurs, small business owners, CEOs, markets, and eCommerce experts.

These are the well-known eCommerce podcasts that you should listen to for the latest updates and business insights.

It’s no surprise that shopify stores are the best eCommerce stores. The easy to access shopify apps and shopify themes helps sellers in business growth. Now, shopify has a podcast store even. Access shopify podcasts to grow your business 10X.

15.Shopify Master
Apart from the above mentioned podcasts, here is my favorite Shopify dropshipping podcast, Shopify Master. This is specially for Shopify owners. If you are new to Shopify stores, then do not miss listening to the Shopify Master podcast.


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