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How to Create the Best Product Images for Your Shopify Store

Learn everything you need to know about product photography.

Loïc N.
Loïc N.

'You like what your eyes desire' whenever you decide to buy something and surf online sites, the first thing which pushes you to buy a product is the image. Looking into the features and details about the product comes later.

Especially today, when almost every product is going online, it has become all the more important to play your card right.

Your brand and your product can sometimes be solely judged by its image, quality, and presentation. Gone are the days when people used to look out only for discounts, now people want quality and how good the product looks.

While buying online, consumers mostly rely on the image as they cannot touch and physically feel the product.

While putting product images, many aspects need to be worked upon. Images presented should have features like zooming in, changing slides automatically, etc. You can sometimes also upload a short video of the product.

The online business game requires professional photography of your product. Which requires no added expenses or going over the budget and buying a DSLR; all you require is a smartphone if you are a beginner and don't want to invest a lot now.

Let's look into the equipment's required for clicking the images of the product at home

  • Smartphone or a camera
Photo by Imansyah Muhamad Putera / Unsplash

If you don't have a DSLR or any other camera, not to worry, any high-quality smartphone will also work. All you need is good megapixels and resolutions so that the product image is clear.

  • Background Board
Source : Picx

If you are going to click pictures at home, finding a good location is difficult. A whiteboard does its magic; it makes the product's image clearer and adds color contrast, which makes the color pop.

The white background board makes the photoshoot look more professional.

  • Tripod

A tripod helps to keep your hands free and the frame steady. With your hands-free from the camera, you can adjust the product in your frame.

By staying steady, the focus is maintained for a longer shot, and it also helps in low-light situations.

  • Lighting Setup

Try to get a room with natural sunlight; it would be much better, but obviously, sunlight is not in human control. If you require better light effects and adjust the light, you can go for renting out artificial light. This will help in manipulating and controlling every aspect of the photoshoot.

And if you can invest a little more, you can get a photo studio lightbox. It's portable, so you move it to any place easily, it has the right amount of light to enhance your product's images and get a better outcome. It is an optional choice, but if you can, you should consider getting one.

  • Editing Applications

One of the most important parts of a photoshoot is editing, and getting the right app to do it is important. The right app will edit the pictures with a little adjustment and give it a finishing touch making it more professional.

There are many editing apps available for free some of the bests are mentioned below:

  • Photoshop express

It's an adobe product; this app can be used to crop, fix red eyes, adjust brightness, add different effects, add more to the images. It's one of the best free apps available in the store, and also you can buy advanced editing features if you want.

  • Snapseed

Another most used photoshop app that is loved by many is Snapseed. Developed by Google, this is a professional photo editor app that offers 29 filters and editing tools, including HDR, brush, healing, and many more.

  • Lightroom

If you want to give a theme to your store product images on your social websites and store site, this is the app you are looking for. From making adjustments to adjust the geometry and the composition of the image to heal certain parts of the picture and make batch edits and sync future edits, everything can be done using this app.

If you want a professional and a recurring theme on your site, you can give this app a try.

There are many more good apps. You just need to find them and use them.

  • Table

You need a standard table where you can place your product and your tripod.

You can also buy a portable folding table that will make your work easier if you want to change it according to the light and other suitable conditions.

  • Tape

Using double-sided tape, you can secure the whiteboard and everything else, depending on the table you are using.

After having all the essential items required for photoshop, you can now start a professional photo shoot with a few steps and tips.

Few tips to click the best product images for your store site:

  • Planning your shot
Photo by Estée Janssens / Unsplash

Planning the shots you want to take should be the first step that will give you a clear vision of the images you want for your store and make sure nothing is missing out in the photoshoot.

Also, set a timetable, make all the adjustments beforehand for the photoshoot, and if required, you can also seek out a professional product photographer.

  • Look out for Quality

There are some tests by eBay and requirements by Amazon which make a product image usable to sell.

Full View of the product: Entire product must be in the frame so that people get to see the entire image of the product and make a decision of buying it.

No add ons: It's recommended not to put extra texts, symbols, watermarks, etc., inside the frame of the product image.

Pure white backgrounds- it's better to use white backgrounds so that the product's colors pop up. The color surrounding the product must be white.

Professional Click: The image's product should look as it is, should not be cheesy or over the top; it should be presented in the image in a natural form.

Like in a passport photograph, it is recommended not to laugh or smile or look over the top so that the focus remains on the real you. Also, it's mentioned that the image should not have any supplementary objects or are not anyhow connected to the product.

  • Decide a Format
Source :
Source : Digital Synopsis

The three major types of image format are Portable Network Graphics (PNG), Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), and Graphic Interchange Format (GIF).

Each has a different level of quality. When you have a product with many colors, the PNG format will be the best choice.

PNG also has two types, PNG 8 and PNG 24, which makes the PNG format more flexible. Providing 256 colors, PNG 8 produces a smaller file size. On the other hand, PNG 24 has millions of colors and is preferred when the size of the file does not matter as much as the quality.

JPG/JPEG allows the mixing of blue, green, and red light. In this format, you can manage the file's size, but it will affect the image's quality accordingly.

In GIF, only 256 colors are allowed, but you can involve motion in it, making it a good option for making short videos of the product.

  • Consider the Size

According to Amazon, an image must have at least 1000 pixels of height and width. This helps while a person is zooming the image; if you try enlarging smaller images, it quickly degrades, making the product image unlikely to zoom.

Also, it's been seen that the increase in white space leads the image to look much better, which leads to more sales.

  • Multiple Angles

Consumers, before investing their hard-earned money, prefer to inspect a product by holding its image.

Try clicking different images of a product from different angles. Consider clicking bottom, top, and all the sides which are different from others. If required and necessary, also click the interior of the product.

To neatly show all the angles, you require to make a presentation of slides showing all the sides of a product.

  • Showcase all the colors and styles available

A product can have many different colors and also different styles; customers need to see all the colors of the product so that they can select the one they like.

Especially in footwear and clothes, it's very important to show all the color options available.

  • Emphasize on details

Many products are made up of different materials, which sometimes are hard to tell due to the color and lighting of the image. Customers need to have clarity of the product so that they don't feel cheated.

Therefore, it's important to click different pictures focusing on those areas.

For example, a table can be made with both glass and wood, or a curtain rod made up of metal and plastic.

With clearer pictures of different parts, customers feel the virtual presence of the image and tend to believe more in the product.

  • Involve Models
drinking water
Photo by Nigel Msipa / Unsplash

In fashion, models help the product enhance its beauty and give a clearer picture of the product.

A dress laid down on the floor will not be very convincing and may not even trigger the customer to open the image and look at the product. But the same dress worn by an appropriate model will give an idea about the product, how the back will look, the waistline, etc. Also, if you use a model, the product looks much better and gets much more recognition.

E.g., showing a sport water bottle on a white photography background is great, but adding some real life photo showing the bottle being used by an athlete is reenforcing the recognition of your potential customers.

It's very important to select models similar to the target customers.

  • Demonstrate with Images

If the product is detachable or needs to be assembled by the customer, images can be used to describe different states of the product.

Take photos showing the product at each stage, add arrows to demonstrate it step by step. These images can be made into a small slideshow, which can be then converted into a video demonstrating to customers about the product's makeup.

  • Keep the Branding Constant
Photo by David Lezcano / Unsplash

Start with looking at your page and the feature, note the images that you click, the quality, angle, lighting, and post-click editing. Try keeping all the images that you post on your Shopify site to be similar.

Consistency brings a nice view to your page and site, which can be your signature style. Some products may require some other kind of photography and editing, which cannot be compromised, but it's important to maintain the signature style for most of the product.


A few steps that should be mainly focused on when you want to click the best product images for your Shopify store.

  • Clicking multiple pictures from different angles.
  • Show the product with the environment it goes with.
  • Make your brand images consistent as much as possible
  • Keep your product in the main focus
  • Keep the quality of the image high
  • Use SEO for optimizing the search result
  • Categorize the product with location, age, gender, etc.

With all the tips in mind, you are ready to go and make your Shopify store shine.

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