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This One Mistake Kills Most Shopify Store Owners’ Conversions

Marc L.
Marc L.

People can try everything to boost conversions: making or sourcing the best possible products, tweaking product page copy, writing SEO-optimized content, even throwing in discounts and deals.

But no matter what a store owner does, their conversion rates just won’t budge upwards at some point.

They’re stuck — unable to scale their business and create the passive income and financially-free lifestyle they want so badly.

Just know that it’s not necessarily the copy. People can only say the same thing in so many ways.

It’s not the product, either, if they sell a quality product that solves their market’s problems.

Investing more in paid ads won’t help, either. It might generate more revenue, but who cares how much a store makes if they have to spend more accordingly?

The big mistake is staring store owners right in the face — they and their customers see it every time either of them visits the store.

The “Hidden-In-Plain-Sight” Solution to The Conversion Problem

High converting Shopify themes

The thing that’s turning customers away despite a killer product and captivating copy?

Consider this: have you ever clicked off a site because it was slow, clunky, hard to navigate, or just plain ugly?

Maybe it had what you were looking for, but the moment you clicked the site, you heard those computer fans rev up into overdrive.

And before you could get the “pinwheel of death,” you clicked that big red X to get yourself off that site.

That right there is called poor user experience.

If a store doesn’t offer THE best user experience, they’ll bleed customers left and right.

Those customers do what anyone would do on a site load slower than molasses — jump ship for a competitor.

Why It’s So Hard to Get User Experience Right

Most new Shopify entrepreneurs spend hours sifting through themes to find that perfect look and feel for their store.

Once they find and install a theme they like, they begin playing around with it… only to find it lacking in the features department.

Few things make someone want to pound their desk more than wasting several hours on a theme that doesn’t fit what they need.

Then, they’re stuck with a few options:

  • Install more apps that boost conversions and AOV — only to pay a small fortune in app fees and slow their store’s loading speed to a crawl. A slow website frustrates customers and pushes the site lower in the search engine results, negating sales increases.
  • Hire a developer to customize the theme — risking bugs and losing theme developer support in the process. If they ever have further theme problems, good luck getting them solved.
  • Customize the theme themselves — and risk even more bugs (if they have the coding knowledge at all). Anyways, they started their store to sell things, not build themes.
  • Have a developer make a theme from scratch — and spend $5k-$20k in the process for a skilled developer.


They could install a theme built specifically for conversions that includes the functionality of all those Shopify apps.

Light, Fast, and High-Converting

Imagine downloading one theme preloaded with AOV-boosting and conversion-focused features…

Yet at the same time, it doesn’t slow a site down one bit.

Booster Theme offers a clean and fast theme packed with $3,126 of great stuff (all included) like:

  • Cross-selling
  • Upselling
  • Related product recommendations
  • Direct-to-checkout buttons
  • Social proof pop-ups
  • Bundle deals
  • Inventory counters
  • And more.

It provides the best of both worlds: a website customers love to spend time on… with the tools that get them to place larger orders and buy more often.

Now, Booster Theme won’t help store owners who lack a good offer in the first place. The best theme on earth won’t help sell a bad product with poor marketing.

But for those who know their audiences well, and have things those audiences want to buy, a conversion-oriented theme like Booster Theme is an excellent solution.

In fact, many Booster Theme users report seeing conversions spike within a day of installing the theme.

Take Booster Theme user G. Panet, who said, “Just installed my theme and I saw an increase in conversion rate of 87% in the first day!”

Or how about Xavier, who reported, “I’M IN LOVE WITH BOOSTER THEME. Thank you very much for everything. 2x our conversions in the first 3 days.”

But other themes make these same promises. They all guarantee to be fast, lightweight, and clean and bring in massive conversion numbers at the same time.

Booster Theme lets you see for yourself with a 7-day free trial — plenty of time to watch it work its magic before you invest in the theme.

Booster Theme comes with a money-back guarantee, too. If you’re not 100% satisfied with Booster Theme’s conversion-boosting power, you’ll get a full refund.

Click here to join the thousands of other Booster Theme users and try it FREE for 7 days.